MOTHER: Patricia Carey (born Hickey)
FATHER: Alfred Roy Carey (born Nuņez)

Born with the great gift to sing - a gift given from her father, who died before she was born. When she was seventeen she moved to New York, and found her place at the New York City Opera. She meet Alfred Roy Carey some time later and they got married - although her whole family was against the relationship - she a daughter of Irish immigrant and he an Afro-American with a venezuelan background. Soon the couple gave birth to their children: Morgan and Alison. It took some time for little Mariah to follow. Mariah's father was an aeronautical engineer by the time he and Patricia met. When Mariah was 3 years old, her parents got divorce. The first month he visited his children regularly, but those visits soon became less frequent. The years went by and Mariah and him lost contact to each other. During the time "Butterfly" was released, Mariah got back in contact with her father and rebuilding a relationship step-by-step. But the new found connection between them, wasn't going for a happy ending. Mariah's father died of cancer in July 2002.

Morgan Carey
Alison Carey

Both her brother and sister are a couple of years older than Mariah. While Morgan stayed with Mariah and their mother after the divorce, Alison decided to live with her father. Morgan is supposed to be a fitness coach in Los Angeles. Alison on the other side had a lot of ups and downs to go through in her life. She is the only one of the three siblings (so far) to have children her own: Shawn and Michael.

Shawn McDonald

Shawn is the older of the two brothers and graduated from Havard's Law School in 2002. He and Mariah are not only aunt and nephew, they are more like brother and sister - best friends. He accompanied her to several event, like the Operation Smile Gala 2004. He was also featured in the "Can't take that away" video. Michael was featured in the movie "Glitter" (the boy on the public phone booth, when they heard the song the first time on the radio)

GRANDFATHER: Roberto Nuņez

There is nothing known about him. Just his name and this one pic below.


Below are all family photos aswell as Mariah's childhood photographs.

Order: Father, Mother, Grandfather and Grandmother (from her father's side), Alison, Morgan, Nephews Michael and Shawn.